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1857 Collection - Chisholm Hunter.

Named after the year that Chisholm Hunter was established, our 1857 collection is a range of luxury jewellery that reflects the exceptional quality and is inspired by our proud family run heritage.

As a Gemologist, Managing Director Harry Brown has brought more than three decades of experience in the diamond industry with him to Chisholm Hunter, selecting the best diamonds from around the world — accepting only a mere 0.01% of the stones offered to us and these have been used in the creation of our 1857 collection.

The 1857 collection is a celebration of outstanding quality, timeless style, and classic luxury; for present and future generations to enjoy. Each piece has been masterfully designed and created in house, using carefully selected and curated diamonds that have been hand finished for that high end and unique touch.

Each piece reflects the extraordinary level of detail and craftsmanship; with each representing our prestigious reputation of expert quality. With a choice of decadent art-deco diamond rings and interwoven white gold fancy bands that can be stacked together to create an opulent look or a choice of classic diamond tennis bracelets and floral cluster diamond earrings that add an elegant softer look to the collection. Fusing classic styles with cutting edge technology, our 1857 collection is one that will truly stand the test of time.

Discover the exclusive 1857 collection at Chisholm Hunter today.

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