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3 Vegan Skincare Brands Your Bathroom Shelf Will Thank You For

These names should be on your 2022 radar.

By Scarlett Stevens

A refresh of your bathroom line-up is always a good idea at the beginning of a new year. Your skin can become so used to your usual products that you may not see the same result anymore, and new brands are appearing all the time.

Vegan and cruelty-free skincare is becoming ever popular and is often a great way for non-vegan people to do their bit with some conscious shopping habits. More brands than ever before are opting for these formulas in their products, and they are a great option to ensure what you’re putting on your skin is more natural and better for you than the offerings of the past.

So, here is a round-up of three of the best vegan skincare brands out there right now.


Australian brand Aesop seems to become more popular each year, and it’s not without reason. The brand is known for its plant-based formulas designed to balance and calm skin. Their packaging is aesthetically pleasing (you will have seen their bottles in all of your favourite bathroom Pinterest boards) and their apothecary-style is sure to elevate your morning ritual into something a little more luxurious.

One stand-out product is their Geranium Leaf Body Scrub (£27), designed to detox you head-to-toe from city pollution. The coarse-textured scrub will clean and condition your skin and leave it bathed in a fresh, citrus fragrance.


Hailing from Margate, Haeckels make full use of their location by formulating their products with ingredients foraged from the Kent coastline. The brand is passionate about sustainability and the preservation of our oceans, and their marine-infused products have become a big hit.

A fan favourite is their Marine Facial Cleanser (£25), a low-foaming cleanser that works best for sensitive and normal skin. The formula is made with bladderwrack and parsley seed, alongside soothing sea buckthorn, which works well on damaged patches of skin and improves overall skin health and complexion.


You will, no doubt, be familiar with the aesthetically-pleasing packaging of Typology’s products from your Instagram feed. The brand has an autonomous approach and adopts a philosophy of

simplicity, sourcing ingredients and formulating their products all within their home country of France.

Typology has a ‘ten-line’ of skincare solutions; a range formulated with ten or fewer ingredients to help customers avoid unnecessary skin irritation. Their 9-Ingredient Face Moisturiser (£18.20) is suitable for normal, sensitive and combination skin types, and uses hyaluronic acid to maximise hydration.

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