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6 Of The Best Halloween Makeup Ideas (and how to do them on yourself)

Cheshire Cat 

Inspired by the crazy Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, this look is the opposite of your fall-back sexy pussycat look. This halloween makeup look is comprised entirely of face paints – so all you need to create it are water-based face paints, a makeup sponge and makeup brushes.

Pop Art

Pretty as a picture or just plain creepy? We’re not quite sure… but we do know that this comic book look inspired by the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol is guaranteed to turn heads. This Halloween makeup look can be created with products in your makeup bag and is fairly simple to do if you’ve got a steady hand!


Among the tons of complicated “slime Halloween makeup” looks on Youtube, we ended up falling in love with the most simple one! Great if you don’t want to go full-face with your costume (because you know you’ll only smudge half of it off after a few drinks… )


Stock up on rainbow-hued makeup and glitter for this cute unicorn makeup look – you’ll also need to get your hands on a unicorn horn headband. If you’re unicorn-obsessed but can’t buy into Halloween unless it’s scary, then we found this Zombie Unicorn look too )

Monster Mouth

Not gonna lie, this monstrous makeup terrified us. The horror mouth look requires a little pre-planning in order to make the teeth from air-drying modelling foam prior to the day of your Halloween party. You’ll also need liquid latex, toilet paper and lots of fake blood!


Mermaid-inspired makeup has been a festival favourite all summer, so we’re expecting to see the trend carry through to Halloween. If you’ve stocked up on gemstones and metallic products for summer, then you can reuse them for this glam mermaid look – the only other thing you’ll need is an old pair of fishnet tights to create a scaly effect on the skin.

What Halloween makeup will you be wearing this year? Let us know in the comments below![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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