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Savoursmiths: A Better Breed of Snack!

SAVOURSMITHS is a British Family business founded by Mike and Colette Russell Smith, who’s potato crisps represent Englishness with a modern global twist, adventure, exoticism, nostalgia and above all unquestionable quality.

The team at Savoursmiths came together, bringing prodigious talent and experience together to produce something special, cut from our home - grown British potatoes in Cambridgeshire. Although crisping potatoes are rooted to established and traditional techniques, they are modern, intuitive and fearless, with a confidence born out of both knowledge and use of the best high quality ingredients from around the world.

SAVOURSMITHS meets consumer demand by introducing an innovative and epicurean offering that is produced with the very finest ingredients - potatoes harvested at the family farm, alongside luxurious and all-natural international ingredients and wrapped in packaging that is each a work of art in itself.

Savoursmiths is available on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Ocado, Booths, Partridges, East of England COOP.

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