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A Hug In A Box by Makerly Crafts

Makerly Crafts is a monthly subscription box for people who love to craft, yes, but it’s also much more... it is for people who are excited to try new things, learn new skills and to challenge themselves.

Makerly craft subscription boxes are a perfect “me time” pastime, time to escape the hustle and stress of daily life and to focus on nurturing your creativity. They are also a fantastic way to connect with family and friends, to do with children at home, or parents hundreds of miles away via video calls.

But the thing our subscribers love the most...? It’s the excitement and anticipation of receiving their box… the suspense of slowly unpacking and revealing each item… trying to guess at the project for the month. Then, the joy of being able to get started straight away, without having to go and purchase any extras. The pleasure in sharing with our online community their creations, their crafting highs and lows and the support and encouragement that is received from other group members.

Here at Makerly, we aren’t just looking to churn out a monthly box though, we are looking to provide an experience; as one lady put it “a hug in a box” and another “it’s like being a kid at Christmas”. We put hours into designing, testing and creating each kit so that you don’t have to. It is perfect for those who want to try out a wide variety of crafts and skills, but don’t have the time or inclination to research new ideas and don’t want the expense of purchasing tools, books and other supplies every time they want to try something new. This way, you get a taste of lots of different crafts and projects and can pursue those that particularly take your fancy, independently. For many, they discover a passion for crafts they would never have considered or even known about had it not been for their monthly Makerly Crafts subscription box.

So, what's in the box?

+ One off limited edition craft kit

+ All the tools you will need to complete the craft

+ All the materials you need

+ Detailed photo instructions

+ Project Patterns

+ Email Support

+ Access to Makerly crafts Facebook group

+ Occasional themed extra's, just because

And all this delivered straight to your door each month.

To check out more visit:

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