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All-natural with Cutter & Squidge

London's only all-natural bakery, Cutter & Squidge have gone Nationwide with their most romantic Valentine's Collection in partnership with Emma Bridgewater.

With the most enticing selection of sweet delights, you and your lover can be indulging on something sweet, something gooey or even something that melts in the mouth with your very own beautifully handmade mug from Emma Bridgewater. With a romantic twist on the classic design, this is the perfect gift to send to your number one.

From their Valentine's Day Selection Box including your favourite bites of Macarons, Cake Truffles and Baby Bisikie, to their irresistible choice of New York-style cookies flavoured with raspberry, ruby and white chocolate along with their selection of squidgy brownies, including wheat-free and vegan options.

Or their Vegan Biscoff Cake that is delivered to your admirer’s door in a beautifully embossed reusable tin. Not forgetting their signature Biskie bake – a unique cross between a cake and a cookie, filled with luscious cream and other tempting delights. This Valentines, Cutter & Squidge created the most beautiful Biskie you won’t be able to stop yourself falling in love with.

Because Valentines isn't Valentines without a bit of melted chocolate, the family-run bakery created the most indulgent treat with their heart-shaped chocolate fondue bomb that melts to reveal even more desirable treats inside, once warm cream is poured over. Plus, this heavenly treat is wheat-free and vegan friendly too!

So, whether you’re near or far to your loved one, Cutter & Squidge have made sure you can send the most delectable gift to your Valentine this February. Visit the website here for the Valentines selection!

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