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Clean Skincare from Ashanti

A clean skincare brand that holds promises...

A solid skincare routine makes a huge difference whether you a woman or a man. It's important to understand, that taking care of your skin is the first step to take care of your body. It's not just all about sports and fashion.

When talking about skincare, men are mostly looking for products that multifunctional, and really work. Ashanti Cosmetics has created the perfect skincare, which is the ultimate solution for everyone, who’s looking for a clean, eco-friendly and organic line.

Due to frequent shaving and grooming, men’s skin needs specific treatments to keep it hydrated and healthy. These natural formulas can address various issues that arise around grooming, and give confidence to their users.

Meet Ashanti Husk My Dear and Ashanti Maame Balm. The ultimate duo, that perfectly covers all men's beauty routine.

Husk My Dear is our truly divine shaving cream blended with Shea Butter to soothe and reduce inflammation, whilst the amazing Kaolin Clay we added acts to keep skin soft, supple and ultra-healthy. We also have a little secret - it keeps your lover's lips satisfied (of course) Thank us later!

Maame Balm. Packed with magical hemp oil which is rich in essential omega fatty acids, our balm combats ashy patches, dry elbows, chapped lips or cracked heels.

Have you ever wondered about the ingredients in your beauty products? What impact they have on your skin?

Do you know what’s inside?

This is the philosophy behind Ashanti Cosmetics!

Rose Appiah, the founder of the brand wanted to create clean and organic skincare, with minimum ingredients all coming from Mother Earth.

In harmony with her Ghanaian roots and her grandmother's recipes a simple yet effective brand is born, that shows, that you need few simple products only to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

Meet Ashanti! Beauty made simple!

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