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Beautiful Wedding Wear Handmade With Love In Edinburgh.

Freja Designer Dressmaking is a small couture dressmaking studio in the heart of Edinburgh. Our designs are a popular alternative to mass produced dresses, made abroad.

We work in beautiful sustainable materials and everything is produced on site by out highly skilled couture dressmakers.

We are currently working on designs made in lovely silks or some of the new environmentally friendly fabrics. We love working in different laces and embroideries, either on their own or layered and hand worked on the dresses.

Our designs are made to suit the individual and because of that, they are not this season’s hype, but will be a timeless classic design always suiting the wearer, rather than the latest trends.

We work very closely with our clients and really welcome their input and participation in the process. However we also have a small collection of dresses, we sell as they are, but we also use these as inspiration for our bespoke dresses.

Freja Designer Dressmaking has been on the go for many years and we continue to improve our skills and designs, receiving multiple awards over the years.

We constantly take inspiration from current trends and have developed them into our high standard couture dressmaking projects. As a small business we are very agile, can develop ideas suited to current trends and turn them around really fast.

We would love to speak to you if you have requirements for an elopement wedding or a big wedding once we (hopefully very soon) can see clients in our studio again.

Instagram: @Frejadesignerdressmaking

Facebook: @frejadesignerdressmaking

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