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BIOEFFECT's EGF is changing the beauty industry - but how does it actually work?

It’s been hot this summer and although we may have been locked in, hopefully your skin has been out! Whilst no doubt we’ve been keeping ourselves refreshed sipping those mojitos, it is mega important to keep our skin hydrated and protected too. With self care becoming an increasingly more important part of our routines, we need to ensure we treat our skin the way it deserves. The Fashion Hub has teamed up with BIOEFFECT, a pure and effective skincare brand made and proven by science.

Are you ready for your skin science lesson Fashion Hubbers? May we introduce you to BIOEFFECT and their EGF!

It all began when our skin saviours, three Icelandic scientists, discovered after over a decade of research a way to bio engineer a plant-based human replica of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in barley plants. They created a fully vegan and organic skincare range from their findings, based around the wonders of EGF. Now, EGF is one of the most important growth factors for skin, helping to boost production of collagen and elastin to maintain healthy, dense and youthful skin. Important, right?

When we realised this was science colliding with nature, we knew we needed to learn more. Lucky for you, we’ve done the homework - so you can just go ahead and get shopping.

From birth through to adulthood, our bodies manufacture copious amounts of proteins called growth factors that communicate with cells, sending messages to repair and rejuvenate, etc. We like to think of them as musical conductors instructing all the different cells to perform. EGF is one of the most important growth factors in our skin and helps to boost production of collagen and elastin to maintain healthy, dense and youthful skin.

Think of you, back in the day, baby faced and chubby cheeked, so full of EGF you could burst! As we mature, those wrinkles and fine lines creep in and unfortunately, its not just the late nights and our busy lifestyles; it is Mother Nature. In fact, (here’s a bit of maths we don’t like) our skin density thins by 1% each year after our twentieth birthday. If you want to slow that process, put a cork in the leak, replenish that supply… We’ve got your answer here with BIOEFFECT. If that’s not enough, we’ve actually tried and tested their products for you!


The BIOEFFECT EGF DAY SERUM is an incredible age-defying serum specifically developed for daytime use. It rapidly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, maximises your skin’s radiance and tone, restores the moisture balance and provides a smooth flawless finish, an ideal and necessary base for your make-up.

On your freshly cleansed face, you just need to apply a 1-2 pumps to your hand and carefully massage in. Be sure to cover your face well and smooth down your neck area, ensuring full coverage. Our TOP TIP: allow a few minutes for the serum to soak in and work it’s magic before applying your makeup.

The benefits are endless but let us list a few:

Reduces appearance of wrinkles

Maximises radiance and tone

Hydrating gel-formula that keeps skin fresh throughout the day

Ideal base for make-up

Suitable for all skin types

Fragrance, alcohol, and oil-free.

Overall, WE LOVE IT! This super light serum absorbs fast into skin, leaving it silky smooth, nourished and simply glowing. Praises to Iceland! But what matches with it perfectly?


As icy as the Icelandic streams, this BIOEFFECT EGF EYE SERUM is a revitalising and age-defying serum, specifically developed to target the delicate eye area.

To use, you just press gently on the dispenser base to release product and apply the cooling roller ball to clean skin above and below the eye. Our TOP TIP: use the fingertips of your ring finger to massage in any excess product. A little really goes a long way with this eye serum!

We absolutely love this product, the application process is incredible with their stainless steel rolling applicator and soothes from the get go. It rebalances moisture levels and leaves the skin looking radiant and firm, minimising wrinkles and banishes any puffiness.

This eye serum simply glides over your sensitive eye areas, hydrating and nourishing the skin.

Iceland has many incredible things to offer but we think this might just be the best. Head over to to get yours now!

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