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Calling all sweet tooth fanatics!

We may have found the perfect solution to help with that sugar craving void …

Doughnut Time are the curators of the ultimate luxury hand-crafted doughnuts you can have delivered right to your door. Yep, you heard that right free delivery too for any orders within the United Kingdom. Wether it be chocolate, sweets or icing that tickles your tastes buds, they have a flavour for every mood. So, why not treat yourself to the closest thing to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (that's if he made doughnuts).

Here at The Fashion Hub office we had a 6-pack box of their most popular classic doughnuts delivered right to our desks, you could literally smell how fresh they were through the packaging. Including a range of freshly made nutty chocolatey-goodness with a few of their slightly more classic styled iced doughnuts too, we had a trial and taste snack break to help decide which flavour was scummiest. Within the 6-pack it included their uniquely named signatures; Beuno Mars, Stranger Rings 2.0, D'Oh Nut, Love At First Bite, David Hassel-Biscoff and The OG - all with the details of each doughnut ingredients featured on the cutest cards sent with every order!

We also had the pleasure of creating 4 of our very own designer doughnuts with the Mr Fizz Vegan DIY Kit that they offer alongside 7 other variations. With a selection of coloured icing (yellow, pink and blue), sweet sugary toppings of fizzy cherries, peach rings and sour twists and 4 vegan doughnut rings to get creative with, it is the ideal lockdown time filler with there being no age limit, there is fun for everyone when getting messy and creative with their DIY Kits. They also have some great Christmas variety boxes, perfect if gingerbread houses seem a bit too complicated for a festive DIY task.

We had so much fun eating, decorating and getting creative with these boxes of deliciousness, especially with almost all of their doughnuts being vegan, there’s a doughnut for everyone! The choices are endless, so when will you be ready for a good time?

Get ordering your selections from here:

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