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Cheers! Cheeky Mare launch an exclusive mug to support the Albert Kennedy trust.

Cheeky Mare is pleased to announce the launch of the exclusive 'Fabulously Gay' bone china mug, with 15% of each sale donated to the Albert Kennedy Trust, the UK's national lgbtq+ youth homelessness charity providing safe homes and better futures for lgbtq+ young people.

Cheeky Mare is a female-founded, independent homeware and gifting brand with an expressive, tongue in cheek ethos, a flair for design and appreciation for British hand craftmanship. With wit at its heart and exceptional quality in its soul, each piece in the Cheeky Mare collection features exclusive designs, relatable amusing slogans and is finished with 18ct gold gilding - and the 'Fabulously Gay' mug is equally as unique!

British born and bred, the founder Helen is dedicated to ethical sourcing and championing the UK’s homegrown rich design and craftmanship heritage. The fine china pieces are handcrafted by the finest artisans in Stoke on Trent, the home of the fine ceramics and porcelain industry for some of the biggest, revered brands

akt is the national lgbtq+ youth homelessness charity, providing safe homes and better futures for lgbtq+ young people. Almost one quarter of all young people facing or experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+, and 77 per cent of those cite rejection or abuse from their families as what has led them to being so. The charity was set up in Manchester in 1989 by straight ally and former foster carer Cath Hall, and a group of founding members, and has since opened its doors in London, Newcastle and London. In 30 years, akt has provided over 250,000 nights off the street and supported over 50,000 lgbtq+ young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Behind every slogan lies Helen’s ‘always cheeky, never rude’ persona inspired by different personalities everyone can resonate with., The exclusive designs represent her love of the fun and finer things in life. I Whether it’s a gift for yourself, or a gift for someone else, each piece is sure to evoke fond memories of someone you love.

“In the summer of 2020, I said goodbye to my 30-year career creating and running large global beauty brands. I was tired and somewhat disheartened of making someone else’s dreams a reality. Tired of not creating something of my own. Tired of not being my own boss. So, I set up Cheeky Mare in the middle of a global pandemic, because when the life gets in the way it's good to have a nice cup of tea! Though interiors is a new space for me, I had a vision - and with the support of the amazing professionals I have worked with and become close friends with over the years, Cheeky Mare was created. I want to create a company where every voice is heard, where everyone has a bit of ownership and where everyone is a bit of a cheeky mare.”

Helen Goldie, Founder of Cheeky Mare

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