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Chicken Drumstick Pants are THE pants for 2019

It’s all about being able to ‘pluck’ up the courage to go out and wear these trousers in public, and hopefully not get ‘roasted’ for it. Rumoured to have been invented by a designer in Kentucky, a story that’s probably not true at all.

These harem-style trousers come in a range of sizes that you can pick up from Amazon for just a ‘poultry’ £4.80. You will be able to get your ‘thighs’ in a pair. These pants are definitely a comfy treat, made of cotton and with a loose fit. They can take you from some casually shopping but also down the road at Kentucky Fried Chicken getting your dinner, and your legs with fit right in like two meaty snacks, but a little less spicy.

Who’s going to wearing these chic ‘Chicken Leg Drumstick Pants’, that are very popular on Instagram and Facebook? We’re not sure what the future holds for these pants, so we’ll just have to ‘wing it’.

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