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Cocoa Libre’s Push to be more sustainable

Cocoa Libre, a Vegan and Allergen Friendly chocolate company based in North Somerset, has made the plunge to invest more money into their packaging so the only trace their products are leaving is the moreish feeling after eating their chocolate. With their new Eco Selection Box you can get your hands on 2 Large slabs and 3 Mini’s in 3 delicious flavours! Packed in bags that are compostable with a biodegradable sticker and a recyclable box you have all the chocolate you need with none guilt. They are also letter box friendly so won’t be creating any extra emissions being sent with couriers.

Cocoa Libre realise it can be difficult to navigate both the vegan and allergen-free market, so they guarantee their chocolates are free from gluten/dairy/nuts and always vegan. Their products are high quality and don’t sacrifice the taste or sense of indulgence. Their milk chocolate is made with rice-milk, a sustainable plant-based alternative to dairy that makes our chocolate creamy and indistinguishable from conventional milk chocolate. We challenge you to try it!

More conscious than ever of the impact even small businesses can have on the environment, they are determined to do what they can. In the coming years they are planning on packing all their amazing slabs in compostable bags but are still using up some of the plastic to avoid any wastage! Currently the box contains a large and mini Dark Espresso Slab, a large and mini Salted Caramel Slab and a mini Rice Milk Cappuccino Crunch! All for just £12.99!

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