Ditching disposable sanitary pads

Making the switch to reusable period products is the right thing to do for so many reasons. In 2020 I made the switch to reusable and went on to create a range of reusable sanitary pads. The response to our Reusable Sanitary Pads has been amazing so I wanted to show you them but also give you a bit more information about why you might want to consider making the switch. There are a lot of misconceptions and also a lot of information that you might not know. About the amount of plastic in disposable pads, about the chemicals in them.

When I started researching this, the figures I came across blew me away.

Approximately 700,000 pantyliners, 2.5m tampons and 1.4 m sanitary towels are flushed down the toilet in the UK every single day! (from figures published in the Journal of the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

More surprisingly, did you know that one pack of sanitary pads can contain the equivalent quantity of plastic as four carrier bags? Not surprising they make you feel sweaty! One disposable pad can take as long as 500 years to fully break down! You can read the full article from the Independent here.

This Natracare infographic spells it out.

So there’s no doubt that using reusables is better for the environment but did you know that reusables are also better for your body? In case you did not know (and I must confess to being someone who did not realise a lot of this until recently) disposable sanitary pads and tampons contain a whole load of ingredients that aren’t listed … from adhesives to pesticides, chlorine, fragrance, and all sorts of harmful chemicals. It’s no wonder that some women have discomfort from disposables. Since launching our pads, so many women have told me that they have spent years suffering from allergic reactions to disposable pads, to discomfort yet still carried on using them. Tampon and sanitary pad manufacturers are not actually required to list the ingredients on their packaging! So of course they don’t!

One customer who switched to Mama Designs reusable sanitary pads said “ Day 2 of using them and oh my word. I can’t explain how comfy the sanitary pads are. I’m allergic to regular towels and I get so sore and itchy. These are just incredible! Thank you. Will buy more for sure and 100000% recommend these. Really are life-changing.” Carla, Bromsgrove.

So how much money will it cost you to switch over to reusable sanitary pads? Well, a pack of 3 pads costs between £12.40-£15. 3 packs would be roughly £42. They will last you for years. In a women’s reproductive life cycle she will spend approximately £5,000 on period products. Kind of puts it in perspective right?

We recommend that 3 packs will be enough to cover you for your period. Obviously, this depends on you washing them regularly rather than at the end of your cycle. You might want to start with one pack and see how you get on with them but we are confident that you will like them once you try them! Even if you are a tampon or menstrual cup user, you may want to consider pads in addition for heavy flow days, overnights, or even as a pantyliner.

Our reusable period pads are made of 100% cotton flannel on the top layer, an inner wadding 100% polyester microfibre (the same fabric as real nappies) and a waterproof outer 100% polyester PUL. They work by drawing liquid into the centre or core of the pad so they don’t feel wet. They are very comfortable… like a different level of comfort compared to disposables.

The sizes are similar to disposables, so you should know what you will need to last through your period based on the fact that each reusable is at least twice as absorbent as a disposable so should therefore last you twice as long. As well as four regular sizes (a maxi plus for overnights launches soon) we have a teen or petite range as well. The same pad thicknesses but not as long.

Our pads can be folded into a neat little parcel and popped shut (with the outer waterproofing on the outside) They can be kept like this clean or used if you are out and about. We recommend our wet bag with two zipped compartments for storing them.

Once you get home you should rinse your pad through until the water runs clear or hand wash it. It can then be washed with the rest of your washing (up to 40 degrees). Don’t use fabric softener on the pads as it will reduce the absorbency.

The best way to dry them is to let them air dry.

Lots of people report easier periods, lighter in some cases, less period pain and a lot more comfort. Have a read of the reviews if you want some more information.

You might also be interested in our Bamboo Washable Makeup remover pads or our Bamboo Wipes. Another easy way to make a switch that is kinder to your skin, the planet and your purse!

So making the switch to reusable period products is better for the environment, better for your body, saves you money and is not as messy or difficult as you think!

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