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Fashion for good: How your clothes can support Afghan refugees

Using fashion as a force for good, Thrift+ and Choose Love have teamed up for a virtual pop-up store in aid of refugees fleeing Afghanistan. Proceeds raised from selling clothes in the Second Life Store will be sent directly to Choose Love’s Emergency Afghanistan Appeal.

Meet the dream team: Thrift+, a clothing re-sale platform which has raised over £1 million for charity and diverted more than 350,000 items from landfill, and Choose Love, which has been able to reach 1 million people in over 120 countries, providing refugees aid where it is most needed. Together, Thrift+ and Choose Love are hoping to inspire a sustainable and effective way to get involved in fund-raising using pre-loved clothes.

Sound interesting? There are two main ways you can get involved today. The first would be to shop from the Second Life Store, where everything featured has been donated by individuals hoping to use their clothes to raise vital aid. There is already a great selection of items, from Prada to Zara. With more donations on their way, you are bound to find something you love. All proceeds will go directly to where they are most needed, providing shelter, food and services for those being forced to leave their homes. What’s more, Thrift+ will also donate £5 for each item sold.

Another way you can get involved is by donating clothes. If you don’t want to shop right now but have a wardrobe full of unloved items, donating a ThriftBag of your clothes is a fantastic way to support. You can order a free biodegradable ThriftBag here and register Choose Love as your chosen charity for your clothes to be featured in the online pop-up.

As well as raising important funds, the Second Life Store is a great way for you to limit your environmental impact by extending the lifetime of clothes.

With the fashion industry moving towards sustainability and social responsibility, your clothes have more power than ever to make a positive change. If you want to give some real purpose to your next closet clear-out or wardrobe re-fresh shop, check out the Second Life Store.

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