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Feline the love for our furry friends ... Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel.

During lockdown, an increasing number of Brits have chosen to share their homes with a new furry friend. Did you know that more than 25% of adults in the UK now have at least one cat living with them? If lockdown has left many of us craving company, then a feline friend can help us to feel the love and give us some of the companionship we need to help improve our mental health and wellbeing.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels is an innovative and exciting group of five-star, boutique cat hotels - the UK’s first luxury hotel group for cats. Cat lover Abi Purser founded Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel after recognising the demand for a higher standard of feline boarding in the UK. Since the first hotel was founded in Hertfordshire in 2010, the company has grown rapidly thanks to its revolutionary approach to cat boarding, placing animal welfare at its heart and offering owners a tailored service and absolute peace of mind while they are away. There are now 24 Longcroft Cat Hotels in the UK, which all follow Abi’s unique model, and more are in planning.

Longcroft’s five-star, fully licensed accommodation offers each feline their very own climate-controlled bedroom, leading onto a private, safe garden play area, complete with multi-storey viewing platforms. Each suite provides the highest standard of hygiene and luxury, which includes Longcroft’s bespoke wrought iron cat beds with soft pillows. Hotels put owners’ minds at rest by sending them regular updates and photographs of their feline friends enjoying their kitty retreats. Longcroft offers a tailored service with a host of added extras, including a cat chauffeur service, room service with a choice of dishes from the ‘A La Cat Menu’, kitty pampering experiences and the Milky Whiskers Turn Down Service.

It’s a unique and unprecedented time for all of us all, but founder Abi’s outlook is positive: “It’s a difficult time for many businesses at the moment. But we believe Longcroft’s continued success and resilience at this difficult time, is down to our absolute focus on quality and commitment to animal welfare. Our customers share this passion for feline care and so have remained very loyal to us. Although many have had to cancel holidays and trips away, gradually, as people are changing and rescheduling their plans, they keep returning to us. They still see Longcroft as the purrrrfect choice for their beloved pussycats – that hasn’t changed!

“The pandemic has sparked a big growth in pet ownership in the UK, as people understandably crave the love and affection that animals like cats can bring. Pets can help us to make the most of time spent at home. And that’s fantastic, as long as those pets receive the quality care they deserve! Owning cats is enormously rewarding - they are affectionate and loyal and bring enormous comfort to people of all ages. I feel proud that my clients entrust me with caring for their precious feline friends and that they see Longcroft as a home from home for their beautiful pussycats”.

To find out more about Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel and find one of our locations near you, go to

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