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Finding the Perfect Trench Coat

Where do you begin to search for this staple piece?

By Scarlett Stevens

Once you have found your ideal trench coat, you’ll have a lifelong keeper. Throughout the spring and autumn months, the trench can be relied on to never let you down when it comes to transitional dressing.

When it comes to beginning your search, there are a few factors that need to be considered. Firstly, fabric is key when it comes to selecting your perfect piece.

100% Cotton or Cotton-Polyester?

If you are really unsure where to begin, then choosing a trench made with 100% cotton is a good starting point. Trench pioneer Thomas Burberry favoured Garbardine as his go-to fabric to create high-quality trench coats, as its tightly woven construction gives it water-resistant properties.

Trench coats made with 100% cotton have a classic, crisp fit and sharp silhouette.

Trench coats made with a blend of cotton and polyester have a little extra give in them, which is helpful if you are layering up a lot underneath. The cotton ensures the coat retains structure and rigidity, while the viscose gives the fabric a slight sheen. They are less prone to wrinkles and whilst they may not be fully water-resistant, they do offer a decent amount of resistance. It is worth noting that they are not as breathable as a classic, 100% cotton trench.

So, if you have decided what you would like your trench to be made from, I have put together an edited selection of coats to help you get your spring wardrobe ready.

Linen Cotton Trenchcoat - ARKET


Made from a blend of linen and cotton, this regular fitting, double-breasted trenchcoat has a super classic look. It features an adjustable belt and a loose-hanging yoke to the back.

Tie-Belt Twill Coat - H&M


Tired of beige? This calf-length coat from H&M comes in a charming shade of cream or black. It features notch lapels and a wrap-over front with a tie belt. It is a polyester-viscose mix with a look not dissimilar to a cotton twill shacket.

Oversized Trench Coat - COS


For those looking for a classic cotton trench, COS have created a sleek piece crafted from 90% cotton with ‘a hint of stretch’. The coat has a super stylish oversized tie front, a dropped collar and loose-fitting sleeves. They describe the coat as ‘functional and timeless’, and I have to say I agree.

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