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Boody was born in 2011 along the gorgeous eastern beaches of Sydney, Australia. Conceptualised by two best friends who combined their passions for fashion and health to create an eco clothing brand with comfort, style and health at its core.

Today, Boody is available around the world, with a shared aspiration to make their customers look and feel good. They bring you a true sensory experience in your everyday essentials, using natural materials that are in greater harmony with the planet.

If you are looking for smart comfort whilst working from home or even just everyday wear that you can feel good about then look no further. We tried two of Boody’s best sellers and we were amazed with the quality and fit of this bamboo range:

BLACK FULL LEGGING - SLIM AND STYLISH WITH A MID-RISE THICK WAISTBAND: A Boody best seller, these full-length leggings provide all the comfort and coverage you need. These full leggings are made from the most luxurious bamboo fabric that is figure hugging when worn. Not only this but they are designed with a wide waistband that prevents the leggings from slipping down (an issue we have all experienced before). One of the things we particularly loved with these leggings was their versatility to be worn for many occasions, they are ideal for layering under Autumn dresses and long cost knits as well as making the perfect base layer during those cold christmas evenings for outdoor activities. Boody’s bamboo fabric is silky smooth and seamless which is great for sensitive skin and gives a luxury yet affordable look. The black full leggings are made from 80% rayon made from bamboo, 13% nylon and 7% spandex!

SHAPER BRA – SMOOTH, SEAMLESS, AND WONDERFULLY COMFORTABLE: We all have that one bra that we love but isn’t the most comfortable, whether it’s the straps that dig in, uncomfortable wires that poke out of the material or even tricky fastening. Boody has brought us a bra that answers all of our comfort needs and worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Emma Watson! The shaper bra is wire-free, clasp-free and made from the softest fabric. This bra creates amazing shape when worn and is a wardrobe staple that still offers the support needed from a bra. Boody’s bamboo fabric is the perfect texture for a comfortable, luxurious yet affordable bra. The shaper bra is made from 80% rayon made from bamboo, 13% nylon and 7% spandex!

If you’re looking for affordable luxury bamboo clothing then check out Boody’s website below and start shopping for products that are good for you and our planet.

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