How to Spot Fake Influencers

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The question is, are the Instagrammers out there actually followed by hard loving fans or have they purchased there way into this lifestyle? Fake Instagram influencers have bought their likes and followers and duped companies into putting their reputation into their entirely unsuitable hands, but how do you spot the red herrings? Instagram recently has been trying to crack down on fake accounts, but this has just pushed people to come up with other methods to boost their following. One of the latest is through the setting upon ‘pods’, a group people on Instagram with similar profiles and interests who agree to work together to boost each others profiles.

They have high followers but very low engagement, be suspicious of accounts that have less than 5% engagement rate of followers per post. Look for generic comments, tags and mentions; For example a comment such as ’nice shot’ with a thumbs-up emoji on your picture, they’re probably generated by a bot. Spam comments are usually generic, vague and lack personality. And if they don’t post too often and high follower numbers, well they’re probably fake.

Influencer marketing on instagram can be a huge drain on your resources and a massive waste of time – or one of the best marketing tactics you’ve ever used. It’s all about who you choose.