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Iconic Feya Café by Chef Zahra Khan Offers Indulgent At-Home Experience

Iconic Feya café by Chef Zahra Khan offers indulgent at-home experience, paired with a slice of empowerment and motivation.

For those unfamiliar with Feya Café, please allow me to introduce you. Feya Café is one of the most desirable luxury, boutique cafés positioned in affluent London locations, Knightsbridge and Bond Street.During the pandemic Feya celebrated the launch of their retail line of luxury teas, jams and chocolates alongside a selection of other delectable treats. Bringing a slice of Feya’s unique charm and beauty to your own home has never been so simple, and we’re here with the scoop.

I experienced my first visit to Feya Knightsbridge earlier this year and I have to say it’s one of the most special and unique eateries I have had the pleasure to visit, not to mention the most instagrammable! Their culinary creations are a sight to behold.

Founded by 29 year old, entrepreneurial chef, businesswoman, mother (and our new girl crush), Zahra Khan back in 2018, Zahra embarked on the launch of Feya just after the birth of her first daughter. Feya Café is the ultimate chic space to indulge and practice self-care. Zahra is an inspiration to women everywhere, she is a passionate force in empowering and inspiring confidence in women; along with providing practical skills that actively support with bridging the gender gap between women and men in the workplace. The multifaceted skill set of the sole founder of both Feya and DYCE has enabled her to pursue and achieve her professional dreams whilst raising a young family.

Each product in the retail range has been carefully developed utilising Zahra’s culinary expertise to create an at-home sensory experience with every mouthful (just as you would in the iconic café).

Inspired by the rich flavours and exotic ingredients discovered on her global travels, Zahra selected and infused ingredients from around the world into each product, pairing traditional British pick-me-ups with exotic infusions.

Our very own, hamper of dreams arrived earlier this week, the hamper itself is exquisite, and worthy of a square or two on any home decor account. The contents is a selection of beautifully packaged, scrumptious, ethically sourced foods, with a wonderfully inspiring and uplifting ethos behind each one. It appears to me the perfect way for Feya to evolve from Café, to ensuring their delicious menu and creative approach to developing mouth-watering dishes was more accessible than ever.

Each product in the line carries its own unique message of empowerment and motivation, encouraging women to take a break from the ordinary and celebrate the little things that make us different. With beautifully illustrated, unique packaging showcasing women of diverse ethnicities, each product in the line-up aims to inspire you to escape reality, explore your imagination and celebrate fearlessness and diversity.

These products are the ultimate in indulgence and self care, encouraging you to take time out to treat yourself, and reinforcing that it’s ok to be “you”, whoever that may be. The ideal gift for a friend or family member over the festive period, I can promise you will feel a sense of belonging with Feya and that strength and unity will be passed on to the recipient of the products.

This message of empowerment runs through Feya’s brand DNA; with the sale of each product in the

Feya retail range 10% of profit will be donated to their Feya Cares initiative to charities that seek to fight gender gap and equip millenial and Gen-Z women with skills to foster entrepreneurism and bolster employability.

Inspired by Zahra’s journey into business through redefining stereotypical perceptions; Feya Cares aims to tackle the issues faced by women within the professional space, such as racial and gender inequality.

Not living in London, I can now receive my Feya fix at home, and you can too!!

Feya’s retail range is available now on their website:

Buying in-store will be available in December in both Feya Café locations (Knightsbridge and Bond Street).

Check them out on: and

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