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I’m Breaking This Fashion Rule, And I’m Not Sorry

It’s about time we embraced socks and stocks.

By Scarlett Stevens

‘Dad Fashion’ was tipped to be one of the biggest trends in 2021, and it didn’t disappoint. Everywhere from the runway to your local coffee shop is so used to high-waist, stonewashed jeans, chunky trainers and boxy blazers, that it’s basically old news.

Whilst these oversized outfits have been accepted and filtered into our everyday street style, there is one corner of this niche that is lurking on the fringes somewhat. Yes, I’m talking about socks and sandals. But not just any sandals: Birkenstocks, the original Dad Sandal.

Now, I know this can be quite a divisive, love-it-or-hate-it look. But this really is one of the comfiest footwear situations to be in, I promise. The wide range of Birkenstock models ensure that the days of looking like a lost tourist in your sandals are long gone, and you’ll now have a solid place amongst the fashion crowd. Their neutral colour scheme means they are easily paired with just about everything, they’re super comfortable and unisex. Truly a universal shoe.

My personal favourite model is the Birkenstock Boston - cited as ‘the classic clog’. These shoes are the perfect winter sandal, as they cover the majority of your foot (meaning any classic surprise British showers aren’t a worry) for total warmth.

The simple shape and minimal colours in this range allow you to throw on just about any pair of socks and be confident your outfit will be super stylish. I know for sure that I’m going to be sliding into my socks and stocks this winter. Keep scrolling for some serious inspiration!

@taurus_sport & @amphicollection

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