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How TV celebrity twin brothers from the UK are taking the international skincare industry by storm

Sam, a nuclear astrophysicist, and planetary geophysicist Kit Wallen Russell, realised the importance of skincare right from an early age.

Their mother’s problem skin led them - in conjunction with some leading research universities - to invent JooMo.

Now global TV and media personalities, they’re transforming the lives of people across the world with their 100% natural face and body wash products. Here is their story…

How a Jellyfish attack in Scotland inspired JooMo…

As youngsters, the build-up to the summer break was always incredibly exciting because as soon as school finished we always set off to visit our grandparents in Troon on the West Coast of Scotland. But it was one particular trip to the Isle of Arran that changed the course of our lives forever.

We were swimming in a seemingly pristine clear blue rock pool, when suddenly we both experience a strange tingling sensation on our arms and legs. There was a little French girl in the water with us at the same time, and we could hear her Mother apparently shouting “Medusa” at her from the shoreline.

When we anxiously enquired about the whereabouts of ‘The Medusa’, it was explained to us that “la méduse” was French for jellyfish, and that shortly after we entered the water the tide had washed in hundreds of beautiful ‘Moon Jellyfish’. We were told that the best way to soothe the pain of the stings was just to rub ourselves down with seawaters.

Our Grandfather, the Doctor…

Some time later we discussed this event with our beloved Grandfather who was a medical doctor (a big inspiration for us!). He told us how for thousands of years the health benefits of seawater have been described by physicians such as the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates.

He also had a personal story of terribly burned airmen in the second world war: Battle of Britain pilots who ditched in the sea suffered much less from the consequences of their burns thanks their unfortunate colleagues who bailed out over land.

The Seawater Paradox…

However, several years later we were presented with a paradox: in a school biology class we were informed that just one teaspoon of seawater contains millions of bacteria and up to 100 million viruses.

So why on earth is seawater so successful in helping damaged skin when it is absolutely teaming with millions of unpleasant organisms? Surely you would be introducing microbes onto already damage skin, with the potential for dangerous infections?

Yet the fact that seawater is not just safe but in fact beneficial for skin, leads to a curious paradox: could microbes actually be good for our skin?

And that’s what led us to research the amazing science of the skin microbiome. All of us are in fact only 40% human: the remaining 60% is alien microbes, and for true beauty and well-being it’s crucial that we look after these ‘aliens’.

Our Mother’s desperate search for help

The importance of our research was driven by the fact that out Mum, who’d be an avid user of various so-called ‘natural’ skin lotions and creams for years, suddenly developed a horrible problem skin which she couldn’t get rid of.

In fact more cosmetics she used, the worse she got. Only when our research revealed that most people in the developed world have a sub-optimal skin microbiome did we start to understand the probable cause, and, most alarmingly, further ground-breaking research revealed that it was the introduction of the 20th Century cosmetic products containing artificial additives - including most so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics - that was probably a major contributor to this alteration of the skin’s natural condition.

JooMo launches the third wave…

We were determined to change things, and that’s what led us to invent the world’s first 100% truly natural face and body wash, something many in the industry had described as impossible!

To get long term beautiful skin you must use the latest generation of cosmetics that are not only truly natural, but also support your skin microbiome to maintain whole body health.

As published authors and world experts on the skin microbiome, we are leading a revolution in skin care which offers a huge and exciting opportunity to everyone in the beauty industry.

Our challenge is - join us now or you’ll get left behind!

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