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Kathy Sue-Anns: The brand your skin will love!

We’re all subject to it, the days our skin is just not quite right (and that’s putting it lightly sometimes!). Too dry, too oily, moisturiser feeling greasy, moisturiser not doing its job, breakouts, blackheads, oh that list goes on!

On our search for the Fountain of Youth for all of you loyal Fashion Hubbers looking for that natural everlasting glow, we have teamed up with Kathy Sue-Anns, an independent UK skincare brand with a focus on all organic, all nutritious skin loving products. And guess what, 20% off for you lucky lot! (code: FH20)

Each and every ingredient has been handpicked for its natural properties, infused together and lovingly packaged into a gorgeous handmade skincare collection. Our team have had 3 weeks of trialling these gorgeous products and what a transformation journey it has been! Firstly, we love that Kathy Sue-Ann’s positive vibes glow as much as your skin-to-be! With a primary focus on self confidence and self care, each product is designed to give your skin the nourishment it deserves. Also, with a completely cruelty free, fully organic range, we couldn’t wait to try.

So, our thoughts?

Clay Face Masks: With your choice of Nourishing, Soothing and Youthful Glow masks, personalise your shop and let the power of these all natural clay masks work their magic of removing impurities whilst gently cleansing and nourishing your skin to that envious glow we all want!

The clay face mask starter kit comes accompanied with a half a coconut shell, wooden spoon and brush; a beautiful authentic touch from Kathy Sue-Ann. 3 spoonfuls and a coconut swirl later, you’re good to go! The paste applies well and smooths easily onto your face, a little going a long way. You can either use it as an exfoliator or a mask - kick back and relax whilst the clay draws out all of your impurities.

The fantastic thing about the clay masks is that each one has its own personal properties and benefits which you can use singularly or mix and max to have multi benefits. Our personal favourite is the Youthful Glow, perfectly paired up with...

We’ve got to say it, this facial oil is our absolute fave. As featured in Vogue and now The Fashion Hub, this facial oil is the absolute necessity to everyone’s skincare regime. This organic rejuvenating face oil is rich in skin loving nutrients, it contains Vitamin A,C,E and K as well as the essential fatty acids to help promote youthful glowing skin.

You can use this oil day and night, we recommend a couple of drops on your freshly cleansed face before sleep, then a drop massaged into each cheek bone before you start your day. Not only does this highly nourish your skin, giving it all the vitamins it needs, but also leaves you with that soft dewy glow. Honestly, how did we live without it?! Don’t forget, 20% off with discount code FH20!!

Super Nourishing Organic Body Butter: It is often discussed you are what you eat and that what you put in to your body highly effects the energy you get out. Now, we are focusing on what we put ON to our body! Super nourishing organic body butter in grapefruit, sounds good enough to eat, right? Made from all organic shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil, you’ll be smelling delicious with skin soft, smooth and glowing!

Nourishing Eye Stick: Do you ever get tired eyes with bags big enough to put your shopping in them? Now for you fashionistas, that means pretty big bags. Using Kathy Sue-Ann’s nourishing eye balm will help to soothe and hydrate your eye area and protect your delicate skin. This rich wax based product allows the concentrated ingredients to form a protective barrier on your skin. The barrier helps prevent moisture loss, reduces the risk of environmental damage, and has many other anti-ageing benefits. We love this handbag essential, just pop it on in the morning, throughout the day and before you sleep. Wave bye to your teddy tired eyes!

Last but not least, we tried the moisturising lip balm in au natural. Wear it under your favourite lipstick or as a balm to keep your lips nourished and hydrated. Made of all natural ingredients and packed with vitamins, kiss goodbye to all your other balms! We’ve loved every second of our Kathy Sue-Ann experience, it absolutely essential to feel comfortable in your own skin - so we may as well be comfortable and glow gorgeously too!

Take advantage now of 20% off with your code FB20 and check out the Kathy Sue-Ann collection!

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