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Keep cosy with Sprig Knitwear

Sprig Knitwear is an Artisan knitwear label based in Winchester, Hampshire. Run by textile designer Antonia Sullivan, since opening in 2015. Each piece is produced by hand using a hand framed knitting machine in the studio with 2ply Lambswool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire, UK.

Sprig Knitwear specialising in knitted accessories is created and adorned in textural and graphical fair isle patterns, inspired by childhood adventures. The fair isle patterns are inspired by memories of scrabbling up coppery Welsh landscapes, to cosy cabins and striking rock formations each pattern has its own narrative yet these patterns are all intertwined and linked through colour pallets of vivid turquoise and deep coppers married with harmonising shades. Collectively each piece has its own character is created with vivid patterns + compelling colours.

The more textural pieces take inspiration from rock formations but explored in geometric textural techniques in a range of rich and tonal block colours.

Each piece is made in mind to take the edge off coldest of weather, from non-fuss loop scarves and snoods to fingerless wrist warmers and beret styled beanies.

Currently, every order is made on-demand, with a two-week wait before being dispatched. This system makes each item a lot more personal and reduces waste. You can also find Sprig Knitwear stocked in a range of independent shops and boutiques across the UK.

Sprig Knitwear has worked in collaboration with Hampshire Cultural Trust, Iona Wool, The Simple Things Magazine, ÓR + Kettles Yard. Each project has a unique brief from knitted magazine cover designs to bespoke fair isle accessories.

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