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How to keep your face safe in the overwhelming world of non-surgical treatments

Hopefully, by now everyone would know that unlike other countries aesthetic treatments are more or less unregulated in the United Kingdom. This leaves the door open for unethical practitioners to offer anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to trusting clients. Here are a few tips for everyone, even if you’re just thinking about taking some advice on how to age beautifully. Take your time and read this article before making the first move.

Always choose a qualified medical practitioner, why would you allow anyone without the required medical knowledge go anywhere near your face with a needle? That goes without saying, but it is just the start of your research into finding the perfect doctor. Interestingly a medical degree is not always enough. Having an eye for and an understanding of beautification is absolutely essential. Also, they need to have an understanding of the natural ageing process along with a keen eye for facial proportions.

Here are some basic rules to follow

Before visiting a clinic look at their reviews, check the website and their social media. Watch for conflicting or misleading information especially on Instagram and Facebook, look for unfiltered photographs on every platform.

Personal recommendations are always helpful, especially if you can see first hand any improvements, including a fresher, lifted younger or less tired appearance.

Check GDC, NMC, GMC. All medically qualified practitioners will be registered.

Does the clinic have both CQC and Safe Face registrations?

During your initial visit

The premises should be very clean

The team should be welcoming and have experience of treatments themselves so that they can answer your questions from their own perspective. Obviously, they should not look either overdone or unnatural.

Look at clear unfiltered, before and after photos of existing clients who have specifically given their permission to share their results to help other people make informed choices.

Think! how do you feel, do you feel comfortable and confident? Ask questions and never feel pressured to make a snap decision.

This educational article for our readers were provided by one of the leading experts in Medical Aesthetics in the UK, Dr.Olha Vorodyukhina .

About the author

Dr.Olha is a Dental surgeon 16 years’ experience) who specialising in medical aesthetics for the last decade. She is the owner of two clinics in the East Midlands: Angels Twelve and Shine Medical, clinical lead for the longest established training provider in medical aesthetics Cosmetic Courses. She is known for her natural results and very light hands.

Dr Olha has numerous publications in National press and peer reviews magazines and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences.

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