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Love your Mirror image!

Based in Manchester, UK, Mirror Image is a fun and affordable clothing and accessory brand focused on the Glam side of life.

At the beginning of 2016, fashion enthusiast Sarah Daly had found herself at a crossroads. Suffering from poor health, Sarah found herself resting at home a lot, with plenty of time to consider the next step in her career. With this, she began to notice a gap in the market. Why couldn’t there be a fashion brand celebrating, not only trends but the glamour and glitz that's sought after in the fashionable city of manchester at an affordable price? A brand that can make us feel both Sexy AND Empowered, no matter the occasion.

With this began Mirror Image Style. Sarah was eager to bring together a strong team with the same passion and drive to make the brand a success, from starting alone in a Manchester bedroom, Mirror Image has steadily grown. With a core team consisting of all women, aged from the early 20s up to mid-30s, they work closely together to create a brand that’s more than just a clothing site; it's a way of life.

Mirror Image Style already boasts an impressive resume, with a range of successful parties and media appraisal under their belt. Working with celebrities such as Jazz Franks and Sean Moore. Geordie Shores Chloe Ferry has made event appearances, where artists such as Jsky and Cally Jane have been found performing.

However, their most recent venture is the one that is closest to their hearts. With on-line Trolling becoming an ever-increasing issue, matched with the rise of mental health struggles in young people, the team decided they wanted to do something to make a stand and show that Mirror Image has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying.

Teaming up with The Horsefall; 42nd Street Charity, they created the iconic; #DONTBEATROLLDOLL. With the aim to raise awareness of online trolling, and create open mental health discussions.

Alongside the campaign, a special line of merchandise was created, brandishing the hashtag #DONTBEATROLLDOLL, with all proceeds donated to the aforementioned charity. A range of celebrities and bloggers were invited to join the photo shoot and encouraged to share their personal experience of trolling. Each story appeared on social media alongside their chosen campaign photo. They were joined by an amazing range of personalities such as Jazz Franks of Hollyoaks fame, Love Islands Tyla Carr, blogger Emily Marlor and The Apprentice star Lewis Ellis.

Despite the Covid restrictions limiting what could safely be achieved, the day was a massive success. Not only raising money and awareness, but it also opened up an important narrative around the effects of being targeted online and how we all need to consider the impact of our words against others.

Moving forward their message remains the same, one of self-love and body positivity, with their slogan I Love My Mirror Image being displayed in Hashtags across all their content.

With their Valentines range about to launch, modelled by the amazing Chloe Crowhurst, Mirror Image is showcasing beautiful lingerie pieces, mixed with gorgeous loungewear. Hoping to invite us all to find a little bit of Glamour, even in lockdown.

Find them on social media

Instagram @mirrorimagestyle

Twitter @mirrorimagestyl

Pinterest @mirrrorimagestyle

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