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Coloured hair is an expression of our identity - but fried up split-ends are an expression of your hair crying out for help. Mad Moments have created the ultimate new conditioner designed for dried out coloured hair - and the best part? It’s glittery! Mad Moments hair conditioner is bursting with cherry fragrance and contains shimmering glitter, making the road to silky hair just that little bit more fun.

We all have ‘screw it’ moments when we’re bored - a Mad Moment, if you will - where you decide to change your hair. Many of us do this often. Hair colour is a fun way to experiment, switch things up and of course, look fabulous. However, doing this can damage the quality and integrity of your hair over time. If you’re the type who loves to switch up their look, you have likely felt and seen the damage already. It’s the pain we all must endure for the vibrant fun of rainbow worthy locks. But it seems, not anymore!

Mad Moments new Hair Conditioner is designed with colourful dried out hair in mind. It has rich hydrating qualities that penetrate deep in to the hair follicles and repair damage and breakage. Not only that, it protects the colour you have on, to help reduce fading and discolouration. What’s more the conditioner even promotes hair growth, allowing you to enjoy thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

If we haven’t sold you already, perhaps most uniquely and certainly most excitingly - this wonderful cherry scented conditioner has a life of its own - packed with biodegradable glitter to give your hair that extra playful glint! After all, who says that glitter is just for parties? If you need any more reassurance, you should know it’s eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free - so you know it’s guilt free too.

Perfect for those Mad Moments. This hair conditioner will save your hair’s life. Don’t believe us? Check our their incredible reviews! Now don’t mind us while we go soak ourselves in a fountain of luscious glitter conditioner …

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