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Make your Wellness a Priority this Season with Una Patches

Make your Wellness a priority this season and feel the best you!

There is nothing like a global pandemic to force you to focus on your wellness, with a national lockdown in place what better time to create a product that helps when you are feeling stressed, frustrated and fed up, aid sleeping more restfully, help ease aches and pains and make you feel less anxious and annoyed whilst also boasting sustainability!! Where do we sign up?

Founded by scientist Annu, Una Patches were born from the stresses of lockdown 1.0, Annu took this opportunity to delve into her CBD research, where she learnt that whilst sublingual consumption under the tongue was a good option, the taste was not! She identified a large gap in the market for CBD patches. Annu knew she wanted the brand to be sustainable from day one, it took time to find the right manufacturers and suppliers. Una Patches have been carefully developed and include high quality CBD grown in Europe, third party tested for quality and purity and delivered in an easy to use patch that fits naturally into your everyday routine. Simple, easy and convenient.

Annu created these patches for everyone, whether you’re a fed up office professional like she was, a fitness enthusiast who is looking to improve your muscle recovery or an overworked parent looking to catch your breath. "I hope you love them as much as I do”. The patches are produced in the UK, and don’t contain THC or any nasties, they even publish the lab results on their website site for complete transparency. (Basically, they ran everything by some very smart people who did some checks and gave them some official certificates)

Now I'm neither a doctor or medical professional, just a girl sharing her experience. Rewind four weeks, and I began my Una Patch journey!! I have previously used CBD drops for anxiety, but was keen to try something different. The ease of popping on a patch and the fact it wouldn’t taste of anything was a win-win for me to begin with. I actually forgot I was wearing the patch mostly, only remembering to remove the previous day's patch before showering and applying the new one to a different area on my arm. It was the third day when I noticed, although there had been added stresses to my life during that time frame, I remained calm and collected, I couldn’t imagine that the patch could have worked so quickly, but even as I approached my time of the month, when my mood was sure to change, it came and went without the usual standard issue emotional rollercoaster ride. I have continued to use the patches every day since that time and continued to notice a difference. I haven’t yet tried them for aches and pains, but I have recommended them to family and friends as I feel Una Patches are definitely a “must” option for those with anxiety or aches and pains.

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