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Mango’s Most Elevated Pieces

This Spanish brand knows how to make the high street look oh-so designer

By Scarlett Stevens

As much as we all wish we could dress in items straight from the rails of the most luxe, tailored designer pieces, the reality is that we all mainly scour the high street for the closest alternative. It can be hard to find these items without them looking like a cheap imitation, but thankfully there are a handful of affordable brands that manage to bridge this gap without breaking the bank.

Sustainability is another factor. Although shopping on the high street, many people now want to make these purchases last as long as possible, buying pieces they can wear year after year. A great brand to start with for this is Mango, the Spanish brand that regularly turn out collections that have a seriously designer look to them.

The overall appearance of these pieces are consistently simple and classic, but they are never afraid to add unique and interesting details that set them apart from standard high-street pieces. For example, something like a Mango overcoat will often come with a rather refined silhouette, as opposed to a standard ‘regular’ fit from another store. They are also not opposed to experimenting with a variety of materials. The same coat will most likely be made with a slightly more expensive, but long-lasting wool blend.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favourite premium-looking items from Mango to elevate your everyday looks.

Striped Knit Sweater


Lyocell Shoulder Padded Trench


Knitted Perkins Neck Dress


Handmade Wool Coat


Belt Straight Fit Trousers


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