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Do you find your make-up isn’t lasting as long around your mouth due to wearing masks daily?

Carter Beauty Founder and CEO Marissa Carter gives her top tips for mask proofing your make-up:

STEP 1: Apply a primer such as Carter Beauty’s Hold Tight Perfecting Primer, €7.95, to create an even base.

STEP 2: Apply a very thin layer of your favourite foundation to the face using a damp sponge or a foundation brush such as the welled brush from the Carter Beauty Paint & Decorate 10-piece Brush Set, €34.95. I may be biased but I recommend the award-winning Carter Beauty Full Measure HD Foundation, €9.95, which has unrivalled staying power.

STEP 3: Taking a fluffy brush or sponge, dab an even layer of loose powder such as the Carter Beauty Setting Standards Baking Powder around the areas that will be covered by the mask (eg on the nose, around the mouth, chin, jawline) this will help set the foundation.

STEP 4: Again, apply another thin layer of foundation and set again with loose powder.

Et voila! Mask proof make-up in four easy steps.

Please see below key selling points on the Carter Beauty brand:

  • Irish brand created by female entrepreneur Marissa Carter

  • Available with leading retailers worldwide including Walmart, Douglas & Boots

  • Affordable price points, professional quality

  • 100% cruelty-free & Peta-approved

  • Prices range from €4.95 to €14.95

  • Supreme Gel Liner, €4.95, worn by Ariana Grande

  • Full Measure HD Foundation, €9.95, worn by Kourtney Kardashian

  • Lashes favoured by Cardi B’s MUA & used on Cardi B regularly

Carter Beauty by Marissa Carter is available online at

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