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No More Rainy Days... with Original Duckhead

At The Fashion Hub, we have some great news for you! The days of leaving the house and forgetting your umbrella are officially gone. That’s right, never again will this most necessary of accessories be forgotten in your draw, the bottom of your bag, in your hairdressers umbrella stand or in the car.

We’ve teamed up with the Original Duckhead Umbrella, a very unique and female-led brand who’s mission is spreading joy - one umbrella at a time! Their well thought out designs and diverse collection ensure that you can have your own Duckhead to match any outfit of the day, whether you’re feeling beautifully bold, pretty in polkadot patterns, cool in stripes or girly in grids. Whatever the colour of your outfit, you can style and accessorise it with your very own classic Duckhead.

As well as their unique designs, colours and style, Original Duckhead umbrellas are created with purely with recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainably sourced materials. Their goal is to create sustainable umbrellas that don’t miss out on quality. Their umbrellas are durable, fun and handmade - even the tag is biodegradable and eco friendly!

The Fashion Hub team is based in London - a city known for many things - but certainly not a sunny climate. The Original Duckhead Umbrella are also London based and if there's one thing they've learned it's this: an umbrella isn’t just for a rainy weekend, it’s for life.

Whether you’re treating yourself or giving the perfect give to someone you love, shop yours here:

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