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Organic Ashanti Cosmetics

Allow us to introduce you to the Ashanti cosmetics family, which was born in 2017.

Founder Rose Appiah hadn’t found a solution to her son’s eczema for quite some time when she decided to turn to her grandmother’s old remedies that seemed to help.

Rose’s homemade recipes have been a great success within the family and the news of her handmade products has spread quickly.

After 6 years of testing and perfecting combinations, Ashanti Cosmetics was born, after which it achieved huge success and is recognized from London, Dubai, Los Angeles to Budapest.

Why mentioning Budapest?

Rose came to Budapest because of her husband and the brand found its home address here too. In January, the Ashanti flagship store opened on Attila street right under the castle! It is complemented by a beauty salon, making it a real island of experience, where cosmetics inspired by the ancient traditions of Africa take us on an adventurous journey into the home of Ancient Akans known today as Ashanti region.

Ashanti products contain key active ingredients no more than 13 in each pot. After all, who wants to apply a product on their skin whose composition you can't even interpret, nor understand?

Rose makes her products in small batches, all with organic certifications and uses the best quality ingredients. Ashanti Cosmetics have a huge range of vegan and non-vegan products. The brand believes that the natural look is beautiful. Healthy skin, shiny hair and a happy smile is power. So don’t hide your face under synthetic layers. Let's be ourselves!

Rose's most successful products:

- 15 shades of pink,

- Tasy mama face mask

- Queen Warrior body butter, which is irresistible not only because of its consistency but also because of its delicate coconut scent

- Maame balm is a must-have in every bag!

You can find Ashanti Cosmetics here:

Discount code is AshantiXTFH21

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