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Our Favourite Combo: Blazer And Biker Shorts

We’re kinda’ living for this look at the moment, a cross between summer and a little chilly day. Arguably this season’s most unlikely match, fashion-forward thinkers are taking this hi/low dressing to another level, and in theory this mash-up shouldn’t’ work, but seeing is believing and this is one strong look.

A little casual, a little dressy but oh-so super comfortable and if you dress this fab combination up with just the right pair of heels, it has a rather chic vibe to it.

This is a look that is potential Kim Kardashian-inspired trend, but nope, not a chance, we’ve spotted fashion girls in cycling shorts on Instagram and in the East End of London without a bike in sight.Our favourite influencers having been wearing this little trend all over the place, showing us how they style this tricky style, and it seems that there are two key ways to make the shorts work. So we’re going to say that in our opinion, wearing the shorts look best with a slim-fit blazer. Or opt for a longer jacket and add a belt to cinch the waist.

The challenge seems to be getting the silhouette right, so it’s worth considering the shoes. The consensus seems to be to wear either chunky trainers or strappy heels, which will let you have a great look but offering a different finish. Eager to try it? It’s all about balance. Colour keep it monochrome or add a subtle check jacket. Accessories, try Matrix style sunglasses.

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