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Keep your smartphone on a leash this Christmas with XOUXOU!

XOUXOU is a Berlin based fashion-tech accessory brand. By combining the worlds of fashion and technology, they provide sophisticated solutions for our mobile devices as daily companions.

XOUXOU began as a creative macramé project in 2015. It was a grim Berlin winter and company founder Yara Jentzsch Dib was pregnant with her first child. Handcrafts were a welcome distraction, making fabric pieces and wall hangings grow alongside her belly. One of the first XOUXOU pieces was an intricately knotted crib for her first born son Pan. A life-long passion for interior, crafts and design made Yara experiment with different kinds of ropes and knotting techniques. Her curiosity in the material, paired with the sudden problem of literally having both hands full with a newborn baby, led to the creation of the XOUXOU smartphone necklace.

Wanting to find a way to enjoy motherhood to the fullest while being able to work at the same time, organizational skills and streamlining daily routines became a priority. Juggling parenting schedules, capturing special moments of their son growing up on camera, whilst also running a thriving small business from home - Yara´s smartphone became an important tool and everyday ally.

Rummaging through her bag to find the phone, or losing it at the playground was simply not an option anymore. After putting together an early prototype of a smartphone necklace and getting asked where one could buy it on the daily, Yara decided to add it to her Macramé online shop - the rest is history.

We were lucky enough to try one of the XOUXOU modular lanyard and silicone cases and we were amazed with not only the quality but the stability and how robust this phone case is!

With a woven strap and stylish metal carabiners on both ends, the case is super easy to hook on the gorgeous silicone case. The lanyard is made from strong nylon fibres making it silky to touch and each come with metal adjusters meaning you can customize the length to fit your needs.

Of the things we loved most with XOUXOU is the variety of silicone cases and lanyards that they have available making it super easy to mix and match no matter what the occasion or your mood. The concept not only allows you to change your case but you are able to change the lanyard and keep reusing your previous straps which is fantastic for the environment.

So let’s take a more detailed look at the case and lanyard features:

XOUXOU’s silicone cases are made from a solid plastic yet covered in a smooth soft touch silicone making it quick and easy to clean as well as comfortable to hold. Each case is designed as a single mould with integrated eyelets, making it simple to unhook and change between their vast range of lanyards and rope options.

The XOUXOU lanyards are a flat woven nylon strap with powdered metal hardware making it soft to touch and lightweight yet robust to hold your phone. They are super easy to clean and quick to dry making them even more ideal for everyday wear!

If you are looking for a reliable and luxury phone case for a friend, family member, loved one or even to just treat yourself then take a look at their website and see the fantastic range XOUXOU offer:

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