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5 Lifestyle Buys to Revive & Care For Your Investment Pieces by Sinclair London

Welcome some much-needed care to your garments with Sinclair London’s top five buys to help you fall in love with your wardrobe staples all over again!

With many of us having more time at home, it’s a rare opportunity for us to spend quality time together with our family. It’s also a great time to carry out those long-awaited renovations around the house, not forgetting to leave some for treating yourself to some well-deserved self-care and pampering. But with many of us not leaving the house or putting our beloved clothes to good use, what can we do to ensure they are looked after?

Since coronavirus hit the UK in March 2020, industry specialists have seen a heightened demand for small home appliances, including equipment designed to help look after our clothes such as clothing steamers and irons. In fact, garment steamers have been deemed effective against germs, with tests showing that steam can kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Welcoming our list of 5 effective equipment that can help you revive and care for your investment pieces:

Garment steamers are great for looking after delicate items in your wardrobe, especially those that you would usually take to the dry cleaners. The steam is a safe and gentle way of cleaning and ironing your pieces to a high standard, after being proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses. There are many different brands available, but most are lightweight, portable and easy to use.


Certain knitwear items with fabrics such as wool and cashmere can often become bobbled and plucked over time. A Bobble Buster is a simple yet highly effective tool that can make your clothes look fresh and new by removing the bobbles and pilling that inevitably build up as time goes by.


A Fabric Shaver is gentle and works on all kinds of fabrics to help keep clothes looking their best. These are great to use on a wide range of fabrics such as cotton and synthetic fibres to delicate wool and cashmere. The shaver removes loose threads and bobbles to make a more even and fresh fabric surface.


Washing your clothes can sometimes be risky for items that require more delicacy than usual. Washing your clothes on a low heat and using things such as a Laundry Egg are powerful yet gentle ways to do this. The ceramic pellets in the egg weaken the adhesion between the dirt and fibres, while mineral pellets naturally ionise the oxygen molecules in the water, which then penetrate deep into fabrics to lift dirt away without fading colours or damaging your clothes.


How we store our clothes contributes greatly to how we view them. We recommend keeping your favorite items in view, storing them vertically so that you are able to have access to them when you need. Often, we can forget about hidden clothes and they can be left to gather dust at the bottom of our draws which can lead to us purchasing items we don’t necessarily need. You can also use specialised storage services such as Vault Couture, if you don’t currently have the space to do this so that you can remain confident that your clothes are safe and protected. For those luxury couture or bespoke pieces, usually, that can be made from natural fibres such as wools, silks and delicate beading, garment bag solutions are always a winner. Opt for a cotton or canvas base to help the garment to breathe.

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