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Serenata Flowers Launches First Wellness Flower Collection as Self-Gifting Soars

  • Self-gifting soars by over 300% over the past 12 months

  • New Wellness collection created in with notable colour and design psychology expert

  • Three new bouquets to boost mood, increase mental focus and promote inner peace

Serenata Flowers, one of the UK’s leading online florists, today launch a new floral wellness collection having worked with notable colour and design psychology expert and author, Karen Haller. The range has been specifically designed with self-gifting in mind as the florist has seen self-sending of flowers soar by over 300% in the past 12 months.*

The new collection consists of three new arrangements created from the freshest and highest quality stems carefully selected to harness the power of colour in order to provide unique wellness benefits. These wellness benefits range from mood-boosting to mental focus and inner peace.

Karen Haller says of the collection: “Colour, quite simply, is energy visualised, so the colours we surround ourselves with have a profound impact on our emotions and how we feel and behave. Each tint, tone or shade of colour holds unique wellness benefits, and flowers, organically growing in a myriad of colours, are a great way to naturally harness positive emotional change and support within our homes.”

Martin Johansson, MD at Serenata Flowers comments: “The power of colour isn’t something we often consider when buying flowers for a friend or loved one as we tend to focus on the individual stems within the bouquet, and what they represent. However, with self-sending at a record high, as our customers continue to look for new ways to nurture themselves in challenging times, we wanted to create a collection that provides distinct wellness benefits and believe the customer will naturally gravitate towards the one that provides the energy they need”.

The three new bouquets in the collection are:

  • Summer Elixir (£34.99) – Three soft pink fluffy peonies and bright yellow wollyheads to create a bunch that is emotionally nurturing, uplifting and friendly.

Haller comments: “This bunch is sure to raise a smile and make you feel incredibly welcome whenever you walk into the room where it’s displayed. This means it’s perfect for entertaining spaces or spaces where families and friends gather”.

  • Sea of Clarity (£34.99) – A large, bright blue hydrangea nestled amongst baby eucalyptus leaves and fluffy white Gypsophila.

Haller comments: “This bunch is a real burst of blue – a bright and bold blue which aids mental focus and concentration, perfect for a home working office to keep the mind alert, awake and clear”.

  • Field of Serenity (£29.99) – A long life bouquet of dense green foliage peppered with hypericum coco uno. This arrangement arrives seamlessly through the letterbox.

Haller comments: This bunch connects us to feelings that aid rest, reassurance, and relaxation as the dense greens transport you to the forest where we instinctively feel at one with nature. Perfect for a bedroom environment or anywhere you’re looking for a sense of peace.

The new collection is available online whilst stocks last. Free next day delivery on all orders placed before 10pm Monday - Friday and 9pm on weekends. For more information or to buy visit

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