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Silence the world or let the sound in ...

With Christmas right around the corner, it makes you wonder where this year has gone?

Well we may have just discovered the newest truly wireless in-ear headphones perfect to gift either yourself or that music-loving relative this Christmas.

We tested out the Urbanista London wireless in-ear headphones on our journeys into work, walks to the supermarket and during workouts over the last couple weeks. Their sound profile is fairly well-balanced and should be suitable for most genres of music with that invisible feeling of them in your ears. They are, however, one of the higher end priced pairs of truly wireless in-ears with active noise cancellation (ANC) that are available, and with that do a very good job at blocking out background chatter and engine rumbles, though most of this is done passively and the ANC only helps to add further listening quality. So well worth spending that little extra.

The holding case fits perfectly in any handbag, laptop case or pocket and provides a total of 25 hours of battery life with 4 charges in the case, which is excellent especially if you’re on the move, travelling or just wanting to zone yourself out listening to an audio book.

With online shopping being the go-to this year for Christmas shopping, they would make the perfect gift, whilst being available in 5 different colours to choose from and a convenient packaging box too to help store away neatly!

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