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Snappy Scorpio Shoes

Established in 1960, Scorpio Shoes supplies high-quality fashion footwear to the style-savvy who want to stand out from the crowd.

Scorpio Shoes are delighted to work with a whole host of leading brand names and offer much more than just your run of the mill footwear. With boots, shoes and sandals from the likes of Dr Martens, Irregular Choice, TUK, Mustang, Ruby Shoo and more, the diverse collection of footwear truly is second to none.

Striving to promote self-expression and distinctiveness, Scorpio became a hotbed for a long line of cultural renegades seeking to assert their independence, uniqueness and their own brand of individuality.

Scorpio has become a leading independent fashion shoe retailer. Voted by the Guardian as the best independent shoe store in the North of England.

Find Scorpio Shoes here: Facebook: Scorpio Shoes

Twitter: @scorpioshoes

Instagram: @scorpioshoes

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