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Something Wicked - just in time for Valentine's!

We are Something Wicked. We make lingerie for women who want to be something dominant. Something playful. Something liberating. Something indulgent. Something empowering.

The experts in luxury leather lingerie and accessories, we produce a range of decadent intimates, made from Japanese plonge leather, and transitional pieces, that are designed to be worn to be seen. From leather balcony bras and ouvert knickers to decadent bodysuits and leather skirts, shibari-style bodywear to equestrian-inspired accessories, we are sure we have something to awaken your wicked side; whether it be day, night, or the following morning.

We are patriotic and proud, kinky and conscientious, fully immersed in the ‘Make it British’ movement. 100% of Something Wicked lingerie is produced in-house in our historic, Leeds-based mill, continuing to contribute to the illustrious Yorkshire textile heritage. Entering our studio as sustainably sourced hides of leather and scrolls of lace, your lingerie leaves as opulent intimates, nurtured by our inhouse seamstresses, every step of the way; from the first cut to the final closing of the luxury, hand-foiled, black & gold box that you eagerly wait for the postman to deliver.

Leathers sourced from a local supplier, metal details and finishings from Cheshire, silk hosiery from Scotland; even down to our package, which is biodegradable and ethically produced and hand-finished in England. Our leather bondage accessories are handcrafted by a female saddler, and our beeswax leather polish is created by an award-winning beekeeper in South London. We value the importance of keeping this incredible heritage alive, supporting other UK businesses and creating jobs for British people.

By supporting Something Wicked, you are supporting a British company, using the highest quality fabrics available, crafted by women paid fairly, using indispensable skills which take time to master.

Each product made-to-order, not only do we only ensure your Something Wicked pieces caress every delicious curve of your body, but reduces waste through every step of our intricate process in which we produce your intimates. By calling a halt to the assembly line, rejecting the notion of the stockpile, not only are we reducing waste, but it means we can create a personalised experience for our Wicked women.

Take a step inside our Wicked world, and let us make all your kinky dreams and desires come true. Wear Something Wicked and discover something wonderful…

Something Wicked - run by women, made by women, for the empowerment of women.

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