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Splashy Clothing

Splashy, We are a team of creatives with over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we design and make all our own clothes in our uk factories, we care about how the clothes are made and who is making them, from humble beginings to now having 4 uk based premises of operation we are now changing the way our products are made using sustainable methods of print aswell as dye, we care about fashion but also care for our planet and protecting our future.

Being from South East London, we are massively influenced by the multicultural Lifestyle and this is expressed thru our designs.

Our Journey started with just Womenswear but we have recently launched kids & mens clothing, Our aim to keep evolving to keep up with our customers demands, and we are always looking for new innovative manufacturing ways to reduce waste and improve sustainability in our supply chains.

We are looking to collaborate with new designers and help showcase and guide them with the manufacturing and fufilment which we offer.

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