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Step into Summer with Dr Lipp by your side

We all have to agree- the heat has hit us in full and we are struggling to maintain a face of makeup without it melting off our skin! As we scramble to find the perfect balance of a look that is natural and put together, battling against the sun and its radiant beauty, we need our own radiant beauty to make us shine! We reach for our trusty companion, Dr Lipp, and their Superfood Tint Balm.

The Superfood Tint set features all of their multi-award winning 100% natural edible plant-based pigments. Share your luscious secret with someone special, or simply treat yourself to this superfood natural tint set and thank us later for your naturally glowy rosy lips, cheeks & glossy lids! Featuring the beautiful natural pink of Sweet Potato, sexy burgundy of Elderberry and the fresh coral of Red Radish, your summer looks will be glowing with these beauties.

This product is not only amazing for your lips to add a touch of colour and an injection of moisture and care, but ideal for a blush of colour on your cheeks, some love and care on those tender, dry places, and the best companion to keep in your handbag for throughout the day. Fit for everyone, and every occasion, the best part of a multi-use product is... well, let’s face it, we don’t need a different product for every part of our body. So, at Dr.Lipp they decided to get practical and be part of the solution and take the benefits of a multi-use skincare regime reducing your skincare routine to the bare minimum number of products but only with high performing, 100% natural, ultra-hydrating multi-use benefits.

So simplify your life and be part of the solution with Dr Lipp!

“I really love this lip balm!! I was skeptical in purchasing, but now that I have it and am using it, I will be getting another one once it’s out! It’s a silky feel on my lips, not sticky at all, and a very subtle, pretty tint. It would work with any skin tone as it is just a light tint of red.”

Dr.Lipp is FREE from petrochemical ingredients, parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants, using environmentally friendly production, recyclable packaging and an absence of GMO. They of course do not test on animals and believe you don’t have to be boring to be natural!

Find out more over on their website here or across their Instagram and social platforms.

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