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The Sustainable Fitness Products You Didn’t Know You Need

The ever-growing need for us all to live more environmentally conscious lifestyles has become prevalent over the past few years. The UK’s overshoot day would have been the 19th of May this year. Each country has its own overshoot day, which is the date that the world’s demand for ecological resources exceeds the amount the Earth can generate in that given year. Small actions lifestyle adjustments can make a big difference, so here are our top two sustainable fitness products to help make your workouts that much better.

The Core150 shaker is a protein shaker with a difference. It comes with a built-in removable compartment that can store up to 150 grams of your favourite protein powder or snacks. It eliminates the need to carry round bulky tubs of powder or extra containers. It also means you can get in your pre, intra and post workout supplements without having to worry about measuring out exact quantities, as it’s already done for you!

The shaker holds up to 1 litre of water when the centre compartments are removed, allowing for a smoother shake after mixing in the powder. Reusable bottles are far better for the environment than single use plastic, as a reusable bottle takes less oil to produce, and replaces all the plastic bottles that you would have used. Core150 shakers are made to last, but they are also 100% recyclable so you can even recycle them when you’re done.

For an exclusive 50% off all Core150 Products through to the 31st of September, use our unique reader code FASHION21 here.

The Million Mile Light is a running light that is completely battery free, designed to last you a million miles. The light itself is powered by kinetic energy, meaning it lights up when you move! There’s no fuss with charging, plus you don’t have to worry about the battery running out mid-run. Just clip it on and you’re ready to go. It’s water resistant and ultra-bright at 30 lums, producing a 180-degree fan of light ensuring you can be seen from all angles. Even if you’re not into running, a lot of us rekindled our love for walking during lockdown, and as the nights are getting darker, it’s important to still be visible and feel safe. This truly is a buy-me-once product.

Of course we had to sort you out with an exclusive code for MML too, again use the code FASHION21 here for 20% off the MML double packs, ends 31st of September.

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