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The best skincare for your 20’s

Use a CLEANSER: The type will however depend on your skin type, whether you’re oily, dry prone to acne or have combination skin.

Try using a SERUM: Skin looking bit thirsty? Gently pat a small amount of hyaluronic acid to your skin after you’ve cleansed it, both morning and night, and follow with a day cream to lock all that goodness in.

Get some good MOISTURISER: Soften and smooth your complexion with a light day cream. Try looking for one that helps combat against moisture loss an absorbs excess oil, it’ll be perfect for twenty-something year old skin.

Think about a good ANTI-AGING cream: SPF is the best anti-ageing option that you can find for this age. Make sure that you wear an SPF daily as damaging rays are always around, even when it’s cloudy.

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