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The BFF You NEED In Your Life

BEST FRIEND FOREVER... Introducing the AMAZING new Dr Lipp BFF Balm.

Welcome their NEW 75ML 100% natural, multi-use, ultra-hydrating, long-lasting moisturising balm made for literally everyone, anywhere. Harmoniously pairing Lanolin with ultrapure Coconut Oil, rich in Vitamin E and natural proteins which is the ideal combination of esters that help rebalance & hydrate your skin for hours, without clogging your pores.

It is gloriously rich and long-lasting, just the way we like it…and will quench thirsty skin anywhere almost immediately! Inspired by our multi-award winning Original Nipple Balm, use the BFF for Face, Hands, Body & delicate areas! And for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, receive their exclusive box with every order!

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