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The Fish Society - The UK’s Leading Online Fishmonger with over 200 Kinds of Luxury Seafood!

Three hundred kinds of fish and counting...The Fish Society is the UK's leading internet fishmonger, selling an unimaginably wide range from all over the world. Think of prawns so large you need both hands to eat them.

Think 19 other kinds of prawns. Think wild king salmon from Alaska. Think scampi that never saw a breadcrumb.Think 10 kinds of sashimi. You haven't even started. The Fish Society was started by fish-lover Alistair Blair way back in the 1990s even before the internet, when he used to mail out a photocopied price list featuring rather fewer fish.

"But we insisted on top quality from the start", he says, "so that's what kept our customers coming back even when our real brand was just beginning to be formed."

The internet arrived and so did Since then, it's been onwards and upwards.

Take a look at, and fulfil your piscatorial fantasies. Or just buy some fish for next week!

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