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The Metallic Purse Collection at Just 4 Leather.

The warm tones of rose gold are almost impossible to resist, as the stunning collection of purses in our London Metallic range proves. Made from soft, supple leather, each purse shimmers with the glorious metallic sheen of the rose gold hide.

Every girl deserves a bit of glamour in her life and these purses deliver exactly that. Make s statement which is refined yet bold, classic yet modern with a purse which is unlike any other. This isn’t a purse that you’ll want to hide in the dark recesses of your bag; this little beauty clamours to be seen.

A woman that’s unique, strong and individual deserves a purse that dares to be different: the London Metallic collection.

Medium Sized Purse

If you’re a woman who likes to be organised, no matter how busy life gets, our notecase style is exactly what you need. Spacious and with plenty of pockets to keep everything in its place, our notecase purse makes sure that you’ll always be able to put your hands on what you want.

Large enough to be carried on its own, the notecase purse in the London Metallic collection is a real head-turning accessory. Be prepared to be the centre of attention with a purse that demands to be in the spotlight.

The purse is made from silky nappa leather and the hide is wonderfully soft to the touch. Finished with exceptional workmanship, there’s not a stitch that’s out of place. Shimmering tones of metallic rose gold offer a playful sparkle on the outside, while inside the purse there are calming tones in a cornflower and nude trim.

The interior contains card slots, note pockets, a transparent photo ID pocket and a coin purse. This means that no matter what you need to stash safely away, there’s a secure spot available in this purse. Perfect for keeping receipts and other important notes safe, it’s a stylish choice which is practical too.

Double flap Opening Purse

The shimmering tones of the rose gold leather make this double flap purse a stylish pick. The ideal accessory for a glamorous evening out, the practical styling is just as suitable for everyday use. Why not bring a touch of sparkle into your life?

The finish on this purse is absolutely exceptional; you won’t find a stitch out of place. With top-notch workmanship and premium hide, it’s hard to imagine anything better. The soft nappa leather is delicious to the touch, feeling soft and silky it’s begging to be stroked!

The warm tones of rose gold on the exterior are complemented by nude and cornflower shades. This harmonious partnership brings out the best of the metallic shine by offering a pastel counterfoil. Inside the purse you’ll discover a beautiful spread of all these colours, working together to create an eye-catching design.

It’s not just about the aesthetics though, as this purse is beautifully practical too. An array of card slots, note pockets and a secure coin purse mean there’s room for everything you need. With a zipper to keep the coins safe and a popper for maximum security, the purse also benefits from RFID protection. Smart, practical and delightfully feminine, it’s the essential statement purse for the modern woman.

Small Trifold Purse

Travelling light doesn’t mean sacrificing your style as the trifold purse in the London Metallics collection shows. With all the same exquisite styling as the larger designs in the range, this trifold purse proves that bigger isn’t always better!

A more compact purse, this trifold is ideal for slipping into bags or pockets without causing a tell-tale bulge. With multiple pockets on the inside, it offers far more organised storage than you might believe at first glance!

The glorious rose gold shades make this purse a celebration of glamour and femininity. Shiny and almost iridescent, the metallic colour is the flawless complement to any outfit. If you want your accessory to make a statement, this is the purse for you.

The clever trim of nude and cornflower tones are continued on the inside, offering a beautiful balance of colours. Each slot and picket is meticulously edged, creating an unexpected rainbow.

There’s everything you need for practical function too with an assortment of card slots, a transparent ID window, note pockets and a coin purse. The latter has two sturdy compartments and has a separate zipper, while the whole purse closes securely with a popper. RFID technology completes the package, providing protection alongside the stunning good looks.

The Metallic Range

The subtle sparkle of the rose gold finish is paired with a soft nude trim for maximum effect. On the inside, you’ll find an array of complementary colours with the metallic shades accented by cornflower and nude tones. The effect is effortlessly elegant, a sophisticated accessory befitting any occasion.

The stunning design will draw admiring looks wherever you go, but there’s also the choice of three different styles. A small trifold is compact and convenient, while the double flap and notecase styles are more generously sized. All three styles of purse are made from the softest nappa leather and include RFID technology.

Combining eye-catching design with practical function, our high-quality design is no less than what you deserve. Be your bold and beautiful best and love who you are. Love the London Collection, check out the range here.

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