The most Instagrammable Honeymoon Spots

You’re busy planning the wedding, but have you had time to plan the honeymoon? Let us help you out. We have done the hunt for you and found destinations that might be just the dream place you’re looking for. These idyllic honeymoon hotspots are as photogenic as they get, get your instagram ready, if it can handle it.

Budelli, Italy

Crystal clear waters, pink sands, a series of coves and rocks, blue cliffs rising from deep seabeds, intense colours: the Maddalena islands are a must for discovering the beauties of the Sardinian Sea and it’s famous and beautiful Spiaggia Rosa, Pink Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Take us there NOW!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini is famous for many things, such as the volcano, the caldera, the sunset and so on. There are many places on the island for you to enjoy your drink, loud or chilled out, busy or quiet and of course super romantic ones, which there are plenty of. Volcanic vistas, cocktail in hand, chilled out music and you in a lounge chair…. sounds like a plan?

Pitlochry, Scotland

Who says you have to go abroad to see some amazing sights? Scotland has many beautiful places to go and visit on your honeymoon and you should definitely try and visit them all, but an overnight stay in the Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry is necessary. Dazzling visuals set to an original music score lights the woodland in the autumn months. It’s a sight not to be missed.

French Polynesia

When people think of French Polynesia , it is often Bora Bora that first comes to mind, bringing dreams of secluded overwater bungalows and hidden beaches perfect for honeymooning couples. Bora Bora is more than that, the Island is actually a volcano, set in a stunning lagoon surrounded by gleaming white sand beaches; perfect for snorkelling, or aimlessly wandering to end up in the main town of Viatap if you fancy browsing shops, cafes and local bars. Or just take a plane to one of the other 8 islands.

Lapland, Finland

Stay in a glass igloo in a Winter Wonderland, surrounded by unparalleled winter beauty, in a hotel located in Lapland that fringes on the wilderness and close by to Urho Kekkonen National Park. The focus of the hotel is primarily on its unique accommodation options; the Igloos are located in both the Set and West sections of the resort and are perfect for clear views of the aurora borealis. The igloos are a blend of both log cabins and a glass igloos, with the warmth of a fireplace and sauna and the access of a glass dome above the bed. You can go on reindeer safaris, or there is skiing, fishing trips and husky safaris available.