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"Trends pass, style is for eternity," said the unique French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. Underwear fashion trends also come and go, but unique styles like the timeless underwear creations of the international premium brand HANRO remain.

HANRO has been producing the finest lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear since 1884. High quality, timeless design, and unique materials form the basis of each collection. This creates particularly durable products that are often passed down from generation to generation.

HANRO products are made in Europe. Approximately 80% of fabrics are produced on-site in Austria in the company’s own fabric production facility. The know-how regarding material, processing and finishing, the use of high-quality natural materials, and the production in Europe form the secret of the long-lasting quality. That's why HANRO's underwear creations are associated with dependability and comfort. They are never passing fads – they are luxury staples. Thanks to exceptional quality and timeless design, they’re always in style. Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Since its founding in 1884, HANRO has succeeded in capturing the respective spirit of a generation in underwear collections. This is how iconic collections were created, such as the 'Cotton Seamless' spaghetti top, which captured the attitude to life of generations in fabric and shaped the brand. "Our promises from back then still form the core values of the brand today. We demonstrate this every day with our passion for the product and dedication to the smallest detail. Our claim remains to design high-quality, sustainably produced premium underwear made of natural materials in timeless design and consistently good quality, also for future generations," says Stephan Hohmann, HANRO Managing Director.

Trench coats by Burlington, little black dresses by Chanel, Kelly bags by Hermes, 501 jeans by Levi’s – all are icons in the world of fashion. Instead of losing popularity over time, their cult status continues to increase and becomes more established. 'Cotton Seamless', 'Grand Central', and 'Woolen Silk'. These iconic styles by HANRO have gained a loyal cult following and embody the voice of the brand. They blend the inimitable, puristic, and timeless design language with quality and durability. They are style icons that can be recommended from one generation to another.

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