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The Wand That Whirled Us - Reviewing the T3 Whirl Trio!

Do you struggle with finding a curling wand that creates a style that suits you... well look no further, the T3 Whirl Trio is everything you need and more! This curling wand is like no other and comes with 3 interchangeable barrels so that you can effortlessly change your curls perfect for that date night, bottomless brunch, shopping trip or party!

T3 has introduced every girl's dream, an interchangeable curling wand! The Whirl Trio is enhanced with intelligent digital technology to work in one pass and make your hair journey more enjoyable. An internal microchip within the base controls temperature fluctuation, ensuring even, optimal heat to create those perfect curls.

We thought we would put this wand to the test and try out its interchangeable features to see which waves WOWed us the most...


This 1” straight barrel (cylindre droit 25mm) created two styles that we loved and felt would be perfect for all hair lengths. We were able to achieve uniform spiral curls ideal for your girlie brunch as well as mermaid waves for a relaxed evening with friends.


With this tapered wand we achieved relaxed beachy waves using the 1 ¼ - ¾ barrel which lasted for hours! The custom blend ceramic surface meant the hair was able to simply slide off the end of the wand once curled and created a frizz-free shiny finish. Yet again this would be ideal for all hair lengths and so simple to click into the base to create such an effortless look.


Ever have those days where you are fed up with your hair looking so flat, well this barrel is your answer! The 1 ½” straight wand barrel creates such soft, loose waves and is perfect for shoulder hair length or longer.

With 5 heat settings and this fantastic interchangeable design, the Whirl Trio has really amazed us. You can create such a variety of styles with one base and three barrels and the finish makes you feel like you have just been to the hairdressers . Whether you are getting glammed up for a dinner date, meeting friends or family or simply just wanting some self-love, this wand has exceeded our expectations of curling from the comfort of our homes. Who needs a bouncy blow dry when you have a Whirl Trio!

Be sure to check it out and treat yourself, a family member or friend this christmas, you won’t be disappointed:

One base. 3 wand barrels. Endless possibilities.

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