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Three Ways to Layer with the Effortlessly Chic White Shirt

We’re not out of the winter weather yet - but you can keep your layers sleek.

By Scarlett Stevens

It is said over and over that the white shirt is the ultimate and undefeated staple piece for women’s wardrobes. It is achievable in all budgets and suits a wide range of styles, is easy to throw on for a relaxed weekend look and is guaranteed to sharpen up a Monday morning office outfit. With a range of materials such as linen or poplin and shapes ranging from oversized to tailored and fitted, there are almost endless options for styling the white shirt.

You could argue that the white shirt works best in warmer months - sure, they aren’t the most insulating of pieces, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on making it a year-round staple. By picking your layers right, you can do just that.

I have picked out three of my favourite ways to layer over my trusty white shirt.

Sweater Vest


If you (like the rest of us) still haven’t gotten over the sweater vest hype of 2019, then layering your favourite sleeveless wonder over your white shirt will make for an easily-achieved Scandi look.

Over Shoulder Layers & White Jeans


Paris-based Sylvie is a constant source of inspiration for those partial to French style. Pairing white jeans with a white shirt is a super-chic and clean base for an outfit, and the added bonus of layering a sweat over the shoulder ties the whole look together.

Cropped Sweater & Blue Jeans


The pairing of a white shirt and blue jeans is an undisputed classic that truly never fails. The addition of a stylish cropped jumper and casual white trainers creates the perfect weekend outfit.

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